Daily Archives: February 28, 2015

JUNO. The Screenplay.


UnknownHere’s what I’ve been reading lately: Screenplays. I have been lucky enough to be a script analyst here in Los Angeles for years. But I’ve never actually written one until now. So, I’ve been reading the scripts of my favorite movies. Juno is the best of the best. When a script is this good, it’s a thing of beauty. Every single word in a script needs to matter – and by that I mean every single word needs to propel the story forward. Screenplays are deceptive. They look easy to write. They are anything but. Unlike novels, which can go off into tangents of humor or history or even a certain mood, screenplays must adhere to a strict page number (100-120 max). And a great screenwriter like Diablo Cody, who won an Academy Award for Juno, knows how to take these limitations and use them to her advantage. Give it a read. This is a masterpiece.